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After earning an M.A. in developmental psychology from Columbia University, Allie found a job teaching physical education and, well, the rest is history!  For over 30 years, Coach Allie, as she is affectionately known, has been a passionate teacher, athletic director, and camp administrator.  She has developed and taught countless physical education and camp curricula and has trained hundreds upon hundreds of camp staff.  She is the founder of Coach Allie’s Gym Jam, a company that provides personal athletic skills training to children, as well as Gym Jam Camp Staff Training, which provides workshops to summer camp employees that focus on gaining knowledge about working with and teaching children through active play.


Coach Allie lives in Westchester County, NY with her wife, two beautiful children, and two dogs.  She has been a drummer since age 11 and for the past 15 years has been playing in the dance/rock band, Slick Trixie.

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